02 May 2009

Facebook Pressure

I've finally succumbed. I've been refusing to get onto Facebook for months, all the while figuring out that practically EVERYONE I know is on. My husband joined a couple of months ago and has said he will help me get started. My refusals have had a lot to do with personal insecurities. I knew some of my family members were on as well as my friends. I only see most of my family on holidays, and I don't think that they really know that much about who I am the rest of the year. I wasn't sure if I wanted to open myself up to that. Then I found out that a friend who just got married posted her wedding pictures on Facebook. Did I really care so much about my insecurities that I would miss seeing pictures of a wedding I was unable to attend?

At this point I realized, Hey, I'm a grownup! I shouldn't be worrying about things like what people will think of me, right? So if you know me personally and do the Facebook thing, I've started up my profile. But for now, I will not be linking it to my blog or anything else I've done online anonymously. Baby steps you know.