21 January 2007

Winter Clothes

You may have noticed the winter storm that traveled over the U.S. this past week. Well, it came through Texas and gave us a nice blanket of snow for day or so. (Enough to make a medium-sized snowman!) The picture is actually from the day after it snowed, and so most of it is gone. That's a snow covered construction site in the background, not a mountain - or even a hill.

Because it was cold for a whole week, for once, (it's in the low 60s today) I was able to wear what I call 'real clothes' to work. You know, sweaters with a nice shirt underneath that coordinates with your pants and so forth. Anyway, I got SO MANY compliments on how I looked, I think I've decided that a cold climate works best for me. You can look nice even if you've got a little extra 'fluff' around the middle from certain holiday overindulgences.


CygKnit said...

You don't know how happy it makes me to hear you're a cold climate kind of girl :)

Diane said...

Hi, thanks for the post that was a read that brought a smile to my face. I can't wait for the winter to hit here in the U.K. for some reason I do prefer the colder weather minus the rain of course! It's also another excuse for me to do some shopping at great universal online which my husband dreads. Much like you I also love wearing winter clothes as you can go out looking at your best, the shirt and jumper combo is something I really like - the smart-casual approach.