28 July 2009

Book Review: FrameShifting by David K. Banner

More spiritual memoir than guidebook, FrameShifting: A Path to Wholeness takes you along on Mr. Banner's personal journey looking for enlightenment. Many of the concepts he talks about are already familiar to me, but I did find it a nice reminder of ideas I hadn't thought about consciously for a while. I felt my own 'spiritual seeker' nature being rekindled. It may be that others will not be as familiar with the theories and practices he encounters, so they could serve as a jumping off point for further research.

I was, however, disappointed that he didn't go into greater detail on some of the techniques, sometimes giving only the barest of summaries, and I found the lack of good editing in some spots a little distracting.
If the revised second edition I just noticed on Amazon corrects the editing issues, then this will be a much better book. On the whole, I believe this book could be inspirational to others on a similar spiritual journey.

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